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About Wachira Artist based in Battersea

Lockdown never diminishes the joy and creative opportunities of my locale Battersea.
It continues to bring me inspiration in all its wonderful light and colour.



Wachira is an Artist and Photographer based in Battersea ,London .Shape and Colour have always excited and inspired Wachira. Moving full-time to London-specifically Battersea- in 2006, the iconic Battersea Power Station caught her  imagination. It’s size and power and link to the past in the changing landscape of Battersea and Nine Elms made it the perfect ’subject’ of her increasing move towards becoming  a full-time artist. As it is gradually dismantled and re-designed as part of the Nine Elms re-development, the original building and the  lasting impression it gave to Wachira, She hopes, is still alive and inspiring to all in her work. Wachira’s art is inspired by many forms but is heavily influenced by the Impressionist movement. Growing up in vibrant Bangkok, her art mirrors life’s noise and colours and the effect changing light has on landscapes and city skylines. Now being based in Battersea ,London .She has a wonderful opportunity to reflect this great city and all its colours, shapes and noise. My current pieces showcase the riverside scenes and Battersea park images in and around London . Pallet-knife techniques give her work texture and bring London to life!

Impressionist Painter- Battersea Power Station painter – Battersea Park Painter.